“Criminality is decreasing” Minister Farrugia

Minister for Internal affairs Michael Farrugia said that the criminality rate in Malta is decreasing even though the population is increasing. The minister declared this during a ceremony where 107 medals were presented to current and former police officers for their long and efficient service within the Corps.

Minister Farrugia said that criminality is at the low notwithstanding the increase in tourism numbers and sees this as measure that illustrates the success of the Police Corps irrelevant of the number of officers manning local Police stations.

He also referred to the collective agreement and informed the members of the corps that it will be imminently finalised He also said that in the future the Police uniform will be changed and also mentioned the body cams pilot project.

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar said that he will keep his role as long as the Government and his health will allow.

62 medals were awarded to Police officers for 18 years of efficient and impeccable service and 45medals were awarded to those with 25 and 30 years of service to the Corps and the country.