Crime victims’ agency to be set up

Jeremy Wonnacott (DOI)

An agency for crime victims will be set up shortly, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri announced on Friday.

Presiding over a consultation session which brought together various stakeholders in preparation for the setting up of the agency, Camilleri observed that victims of crime were frequently unaware of their rights and often felt that they were alone even when they were not.

“We promised that we would prioritise the plight of victims of crimes and their loved ones, who often feel that they have been neglected. It is with this in mind that we wish to set up this agency, as we had promised in our electoral manifesto,” Camilleri said.

The agency, he explained, would need to work closely with NGOs already active in the field as well as other government entities.

Camilleri also observed that while research showed that the Maltese generally felt safe, attention still needed to be paid to the minority who ended up victims of crime.

“Our cannot be allowed to become a victim twice,” the minister maintained.