Crafts and games teach children about missionary work

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Students are to learn about missionary work through crafts, games and various sessions. This is through the help of Missio Malta, which will be distributing resource booklets to schools around Malta and Gozo.

This booklet is meant to aid teachers in navigating the topic of missionary work in their lessons. This, in turn, raises awareness and knowledge amongst children.

This is on the occasion of Extraordinary Mission Month, termed so by Pope Francis. This is because 2019 is the 100th anniversary since Pope Benedict XV’s teachings on missionary work.

Missio Malta will be helping children in Myanmar (formerly Burma). The aid will be centered around giving some 26% of the population access to schooling, access it never had before due to the remoteness of the location. The Primary School of St. John in the Diocese of Hakha will be offering to educate these children.

Missio Malta’s project includes school growth and maintenance, another car to collect and take children to and from school, the training of new teachers and the building of a farm to sustain the school.

You can find out more by calling on 2123 6962, or by clicking here.