Covid measures “too little, too late” – For.U.M

For.U.M, the forum of Maltese trades unions, described as ‘too little, too late’ the measures and enforcement announced by the Government to control the rapid and pernicious spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta.

For.U.M  said that while mandating and enforcing universal mask-wearing is a good step and should help reduce infections, stronger measures need to be taken if we are to have a chance at bringing the pandemic under control before the end of the year.

It stressed that it is expecting stronger measures, such as the temporarily closing of establishments were people have to congregate indoors, requiring the presentation of a negative test to enter Malta from overseas, a re-emphasis on remote working and the reduction of the maximum number of people who can gather in one group.

For.U.M said that it is also imperative that any and all measures are taken “to protect our most vulnerable citizens whether inside care homes or living in the community. Most importantly we need to continue educating and our authorities need to lead by example through consistent actions and messages”, said For.U.M.

For.U.M said that it expects enforcement is carried out in all situations, with everyone and, this time around, without any waiver. “Decisive action can still turn around this pandemic once again, but it needs to be implemented now,” concluded the statement.