“COVID-19’s status of ‘pandemic’ has not yet been revoked” – PN

    Miguela Xuereb

    The Nationalist Party (PN) is reminding the public that Covid-19 has been afforded the status of a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), a status that has not yet been revoked.

    The PN stated that Malta must remain vigilant, especially due to the increase in cases as well as international news. Other European countries, such as France, Germany and the UK are considering the possibilities of various lockdowns, as Europe is preparing for the second wave.

    The party added that this only serves as a reminder that the virus is still present. This is especially so with the airport’s opening and a large number of mass events. Therefore, there must be more calls for following the current health directives stringently.

    The statement concluded by saying that if Prime Minister Robert Abela’s keeps insisting on his “business as usual” attitude, this would be greatly irresponsible.