Covid-19 ‘underlying cause of deaths’ for vast majority of pandemic’s victims

Updated 02:38 PM
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The health authorities may regularly bring up underlying conditions when the death of a Covid-19 patient is reported, but the coronavirus is considered to be the underlying cause of death for the vast majority of the 64 victims of the pandemic in Malta.

In a parliamentary question, former health minister Godfrey Farrugia asked the incumbent, Chris Fearne, to identify how many Covid-19 victims are believed to have died primarily because of the Covid-19 pandemic. He also asked for information about any autopsies carried out.

Fearne revealed that no autopsy was carried out on Covid-19 patients who had died since the diagnosis was known.

But he confirmed that in 47 cases, Covid-19 was specifically being treated as the “underlying cause of death.”

Covid-19 is being treated as a contributory cause in 15 cases: verifications on the remaining two were still being carried out when the question was answered.

14 patients currently on ventilators – Fearne

14 patients are currently on ventilators.

Fearne clarified in Parliament that from the start of the pandemic, 33 people have been on ventilators. Of these, 11 died, 8 were placed in another ward, and 14 are still on ventilators.