Covid-19 restrictions to be eased by Monday, minister reveals

Photo by Pierre Sammut (DOI)

A further easing of Covid-19 restrictions are to be announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela Monday, Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli revealed today.

During a webinar on the way forward for tourism, Farrugia Portelli pledged that tourism will be making a return to Malta by summer, even if it will be different to previous years.

She said that as soon as Abela announced the new measures, the ministry would be publishing clear protocols on how sectors such as restaurants and beaches will be operating.

‘Safe corridors’ being explored

The minister said that a bilateral mechanism had been triggered with nine other countries to start talks on the concept of “safe corridors,” through which travel would be allowed among countries which have addressed the pandemic well.

At this point, Malta is communicating with Luxembourg, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Austria, Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania and Israel.

A similar measure has just been introduced by the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who have decided to reopen borders to each other. The EU is itself pushing to reopen its internal borders to make summer tourism possible.

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