Covid-19 might not be the pandemic expected – WHO

Covid-19 Response by World Health Organisation (WHO) in Serbia
WHOCOVD19_20200618_SRB_165.jpg COVID-19: SERBIA..As part of WHO’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic, Serbia received funding from the EU to enable delivery of converted shipping containers converted into triage areas for testing of patients with respiratory issues ..101 such containers were delivered around the country. This delivery, at Belgrade’s National Public Health Institute, was the 101st and final container to be delivered. TBD

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

World Health Organization (WHO) experts declared that the coronavirus pandemic may not be the big pandemic that they have been expecting. They said that the world needs to learn to live with Covid-19.
According to Prof. David Heymann, CEO of the Technical Strategy for Infectious Hazard at WHO, the virus is expected to become endemic.
He claimed that Covid-19 will spread and mutate, like the four other types of coronavirus before. The administration of the vaccine and public hygiene will help the world to get used to the different types of Covid-19 said, Heymann.
WHO Emergency Program Chief Dr Mark Ryan claimed that a pandemic is expected more severe than Covid-19 is still expected. He said the Covid-19 pandemic was very severe and hit every corner of the world. He said that this may not be the big pandemic they have been expecting.
Ryan said the Covid-19 should serve as a warning, to learn and improve science, logistics, governance and better communication.
WHO Executive Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said that getting the vaccine against the virus does not mean that public health measures, such as social distance, are no longer enforced or needed.
She said that the primary role of the vaccine is to prevent symptoms, severe illness and death.

WHO guidelines for global health issues for 2021
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