Watch: Covid-19 – Is Government giving it all its got?

Politicians, experts and a person who lost a grandparent to the virus have their say

The second wave of the pandemic has been much harsher than the first wave, both in Malta as well as abroad.

In Malta, however, the government has come under heavy criticism from various professional bodies for the strategy adopted. The bodies maintain that had the PM not adopted a ‘business as usual’ attitude and introduced certain measures, Malta would have fared better. Fewer persons would have died and fewer caught the contagion.

On Andrew Azzopardi on 103, Saturday 7th November, the discussion will focus on Covid-19 and life after the pandemic.

Prof Andrew Azzopardi will lead the panel in the discussion. He will be accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, PN MP Claudio Grech, statisticians Vincent Marmará and Josef Lauri, Paul Pace from MUMN, Martin Balzan from MAM, economist JP FFabri and health specialist Paulann Grech

Lisa Spiteri will share her experience of losing a beloved grandparent to COVID-19.

Besides discussing the Coronavirus, the programme will also interview Bjorn Formosaon his work to raise awareness on ALS and with Glen Beddingfield MP on his political career.

Andrew Azzopardi on 103 is broadcast on Saturdays at 10:00h on 103 Malta’s heart