COVID-19 fine amnesty is an insult to the judiciary – Arnold Cassola


Independent candidate Arnold Cassola stated that the Prime Minister’s decision to give amnesty to those who incurred fines after breaking COVID-19 social distancing regulations is an insult to the judiciary.

In a statement, he said that Abela broke all the regulations with his trip to Libya, and that now he’s giving amnesty in order to stop the criticism against his illegalities. He referred to this as “cheap populism”.

Cassola added that the Malta Police Association (MPA) has said things exactly as they are when it said that this decision is an insult to all the police officers who have risked their health and that of their families to enforce the regulations. However, he added that this insult is not only leveled at police officers, but also at the judiciary.

Cassola addressed Chief Judge Mark Chetcuti, saying that he hopes that the judiciary is about to speak out. He added that the silence on the behalf of the judiciary would mean that they’ve accepted the undermining of their duties and efforts on the part of the PM. He concluded by saying that this would be a very serious issue with regards to the rule of law in the country.

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