Coronavirus: 37 new cases – Prof Lauri rings warning bells

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

37 new cases of coronavirus have been reported by the health authority on Sunday after 1,640 swab tests were carried out in the last 24 hours. “Thirty-seven new cases is not the news which we had been hoping for. Looking at the epicurve it means that we have not improved on the figures of four or five days ago. From the fluctuations of the past few days, the time series forecasts 31 new cases for tomorrow, which could herald the beginning of a downturn. But the uncertainty is large and it could go either way,” said Professor Josef Lauri, mathematician.

The Health Department said that Monday’s 37 cases were still being investigated

The latest daily bulletin shows that the total number of active cases stands at 372.

Meanwhile, following Sunday’s 25 cases reported, two cases were family members of previously known cases, two were work colleagues, 2 cases from social gatherings, two cases from a bodybuilding competition event and 3 cases were direct contact of other cases. Fourteen were sporadic cases.