Court orders return of one-year-old boy to Malta after abduction

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

A court has ordered a teenage mother to return her one-year-old son to Malta after it was ruled that she had illegally abducted the child.

The 18-year-old woman had left the island with their child in mid-December 2019 without the father’s consent.

The pair had met when the girl was pregnant with her first son from a previous relationship.

During the case, the woman argued that she had lived only in Malta for a “few months” and that there was “grave risk” in her returning to Malta. The woman had been living in Malta with her parents who owned a bar in St Paul’s Bay, and had attended school here.

The Scottish court ruled that the one-year-old child ought to be returned to Malta where he was born, since there was no dispute about the removal without the consent of the father. The court also acknowledged that there was no doubt about that the father had custody rights in terms of law.

The mother alleged that her ex had been violent towards her; however, these claims were not proven in court. is informed that the legal team appearing for the father had informed its colleagues in Scotland that the client was happy to wait until it was safe to travel before asking the mother of two to return their son.

However, the mother and her two children will arrive in Malta on Tuesday where they will spend two weeks under mandatory quarantine.

Documents seen by this newsroom show that the parents of the Maltese father are providing accommodation for the woman and the children for six months, even if at law, they are under no legal obligation to do so.

The woman took to social media saying that she was in need of baby items since she had to come here; however, when the father got in touch with the mother to provide for them, through his lawyer, she initially turned down the offer, eventually saying that such items could be left at the reception of the hotel where she will be staying.

Dr Robert Thake is legal counsel for the father while Dr Henry Antoncich is the mother’s legal counsel.