Court orders medical treatment for woman remanded in custody


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 36-year-old foreign national Mona Ibrahim Mahmud was remanded in custody on Monday after being charged with assaulting two Maltese nationals.

The accident happened on Sunday 28th June at 12:15 pm in Farfett street and Stiefnu Zerafa street in Marsa. The woman said that she was inside her shop when two Maltese living in the same street entered the shop and assaulted her. The police said that the woman used a knife during the argument.

When the court asked where the woman resides the information provided by the accused and the details on her identity card did not match. Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech said that the fact that the information provided does not match is a crime in itself.

The accussed said she lives in Marsalforn Gozo but the prosecution informed the court that the woman was living inside her shop in Marsa and did not have a licence to operate.

In court it was concluded that the woman was assaulted because she was providing sexual favors in exchange for money and neighbours didn’t approve of this. The woman described the men inside her shop as bodyguards.

The defence lawyer said that the woman cannot return to Marsa as she would be assaulted again by her neighbours.

The woman was ordered not to return to Marsa and to find an alternative residence but since this was not possible Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech denied bail.

After the court’s decision, the woman was heard shouting that she wants her children back as they were in the custody of Appogg. The court ordered the director of the Corradino Correction Facility to provide the necessary support to make sure the woman is in good both physical and mental health. The court recognised that the woman is going through hardship due to the fact that she cannot see her children.