Court orders freezing order on Schembri, Nexia BT, among others

Updated 03:52 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Madam Justice Edwina Grima has issued an order to freeze all assets held by disgraced former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, his wife and one of his two daughters, among others on Monday.

The lengthy list includes Nexia BT and its partners. The court concluded that there is reasonable suspicion that money laundering offences have been committed.

The order followed a request by the Attorney General to freeze the assets of 40 individuals and several companies.

Several companies were given 24 hours to comply with the order and to notify the Attorney General of all possessions of the defendants, together with any goods, accounts, services or safety deposit boxes they have with financial institutions.

An attachment order freezes the suspects’ assets for 45 days, which is further extendable by another 45 days.

The defendants have been prohibited from transferring moveable and immoveable property.

The application comes days after the conclusion of a magisterial inquiry into whether Schembri took a €100,000 kickback on passport sales. The inquiry was based on a leaked FIAU report.

The court said that it agreed with the Attorney General that there was reasonable suspicion that the persons mentioned in the application are guilty of a crime (money laundering) under clause 3 of CAP 373 of the Laws of Malta.

The Attorney General had banned publication of the inquiry report.

On Sunday, the Sunday Times of Malta reported that Nexia BT will be transferring its operations to another company.

Truth will out – former Opposition Leader

Former Opposition Leader and Partit Nazzjonalista Leader Simon Busuttil reacted to the news saying that truth will out.

In a brief statement on Facebook, Busuttil said that after three years and a half of threats and attacks, the truth will out.

“Today we know that those box files were not empty,” he said.

WARA TLIET SNIN U NOFS ta' tgħajjir, theddid u attakki, iż-żejt tela' f'wiċċ l-ilma. Illum kulħadd jaf: Il-box files ma kienux vojta. VIVA MALTA INDIPENDENTI!

Posted by Simon Busuttil on Monday, September 21, 2020

“We’re getting there, despite our criminal government and not because of it,” journalist Matthew Caruana Galizia wrote on Facebook, noting that all assets belonging to Keith Schembri, his wife Josette, his daughters bar one, Nexia BT and its partners including Brian Tonna, Manuel Castagna and Karl Cini, and 100 other defendants frozen on Monday by order of Judge Edwina Grima.

All assets belonging to Keith Schembri, his wife Josette, his daughters bar one, Nexia BT and its partners including…

Posted by Matthew Caruana Galizia on Monday, September 21, 2020

The full list

The list includes Schembri’s parents – Alfio and Josephine Schembri, Navis Logistics Limited (C94559), Kasco Limited (C25890) Kasco Recycling (C427 62), Its Good Limited, (C44687), Graphic Supplies Limited (C43629) FSV Limited (C37531), Cinebiss Limited, (C41776), Tekhne Industrial Limited (C58648), Kasco Engineering Company (C34257), Berner Malta Limited (C60364), 3City Designs Limited (C44007), GSV Co Limited (C35678), Malcolm Scerri, Silvestra Silvia Scerri, Daniel Scerri, Karyn Scerri, ThoughtZone Limited (C6317 4), Acumen Projects Limited (C64987), Simon Poulton, Sarah Poulton, Sean Poulton, Brian Tonna, Caroline Tonna, Beverly Tonna, Kristie Mercieca nee’ Tonna, Liam Mercieca, Matteo Mercieca, Karl Cini, Eximus Business Malta Limited (C68729), Eximus Business Aviation Private Ltd, Manuel Castagna, Suzanne Baldacchino, Thea Castagna, Mia Castagna, Nina Castagna, NBT Technology Ltd (C87298), Eman Castagna, Lorraine Castagna, Christian Castagna, Miguel Castagna, Smartsites Limited (C6l36l) Anton Dalli, Oksana Victorovna Dalli, Christopher Dalli (ID: ****99M), Kristina Dalli, Katrina Marie Bondin Carter, Robert Bondin Carter, Luke Cann, Tara Cann Navarro, Kyle Cann, Pierre Fiorentino, Marilyn Fiorentino, Nina Fiorentino, Nick Fiorentino, Willerby Trade Inc. (BVI registration number: 17 65 606), Holdforth Limited (Cyprus registered company), Malmos Limited registered in Gibraltar, Colson Services Limited – registered in BVI, 8 Point Services Limited (C34327), Nexia BT Limited (C46322), Nexia BT Holdings Limited (C55138), Nexia BT Holdings (Consulting) Limited (c73487), BT International Limited (C40658), Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited (c48584), Nexia BT Consulting Limited (C55139), Nexia BT Projects Limited (C74l2l), BTI Management Ltd (C 49892), BT Consulting Ltd (C37804), KBT Holdings LTD (C 20767), SOPNIF LTD (C85972), AWNY Properties Limited (C72547), SPX Services Ltd registered in the BVI, Zonqor Estates Ltd (C34531), SG Limited (C67570), Voluntas Malta (C66585) and MBK Limited (C85546).

“The PM cannot become involved in the public inquiry” – Repubblika

Repubblika stated that it will not accept that the PM ends up being involved in the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

It said this in reaction to the court’s order to freeze assets.

It also said that for a long time, there were people that were impeding justice, and that the wait it took for action to be taken in relation to Keith Schembri and Brian Tonna doesn’t mean that it’s too late for proper justice.

“Robert Abela must shoulder responsibility” – Delia

Adrian Delia stated that the PM must shoulder political responsibility for himself personally and for all those who defended Keith Schembri.

He issued a statement reacting to the court’s freezing of Schembri’s assets. He said that the Nationalist Party (PN) expects that justice is served as soon as possible in relation to this ring of corruption as orchestrated by Joseph Muscat and his friends.

“This should have happened ages ago” – Bernard Grech

Bernard Grech, a candidate for the Nationalist Party (PN) leadership race, stated that Keith Schembri’s assets should have long been frozen.

He stated that this development is an important one when on a long road to justice after years of impunity. He added that if he wins the leadership race, he will be at the forefront of the fight for justice.

Snin ta' korruzzjoni, snin ta' gideb u snin ta' Gvern li ried jinganna lill-poplu tiegħu stess. Il-verità fl-aħħar qed…

Posted by Bernard Grech on Monday, September 21, 2020

“Years of lies, plundering and impunity are catching up to Keith Schembri” – David Casa

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) David Casa stated that years of lies, plundering and impunity are catching up to Keith Schembri.

He stated that this freezing of assets on the suspicion of gross money laundering is the first step of vindication. Casa concluded by saying that justice must and will be served.

Years of lies, plundering and impunity are catching up to Keith Schembri. Tonight's news that Judge Edwina Grima has…

Posted by David Casa on Monday, September 21, 2020