Court finds that rent law regime breaches rights – MDA


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) has stated that the Court has once again found that the rent law regime that applies to pre-1995 rents breaches the fundamental rights of owners to enjoy their property.

In a statement, the association explained that this breach in the owners’ constitutional rights results from the situation in which owners are finding themselves being in the position where they can neither get their property back nor increase the annual rent received from tenants. Meanwhile, tenants keep expecting to pay the rent as established by a law that is “unconstitutional”.

It added that the current so-called ‘rent reform’ skirts around this problem since it does not affect rents established before 1995.

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“It is ridiculous”

The organisation insisted that it is ridiculous if all landlords in this position were to sue Government with the Courts dealing with each request on a case-by-case decision. Apart from flooding the courts with unnecessary cases, expecting each landlord to fork out the expenses for a Court case until the case is won is also highly unfair.

MDA appeals to the Government to urgently amend the law so that this anomalous situation is eliminated. In this regard, MDA is prepared to discuss the issue with Government and other stakeholders so that a just solution is found to the problem and the law is amended accordingly.

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