Couple caught with 14kg of cannabis at MIA

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A couple arriving from Seville at the Malta International Airport was caught carrying a total of 13.95kg of cannabis.

In a statement, Customs explained that the couple were directed by Customs officials for a luggage scan after landing and retrieving it.

Suspicious items were flagged on the x-ray and subsequent searches in the luggage of both passengers yielded 13 plastic bags in total seven weighing 7.60kg from one luggage and another six bags weighing 6.35 kg from another.

The contents in the bags turned out to be cannabis after testing. The officials also found cocaine during a physical search on the couple.

The case was handed over to the Police Drug Squad for further investigation.

A duty magistrate was appointed to lead the inquiry and assigned several court experts to assist.

Both passengers are expected to be arraigned in court.

This is the second time over the past weeks that passengers along the same route from Seville have been intercepted with cannabis and the third time from Spain.