Councils vocalise local problems,weaknesses to the national level – Parnis


Silvio Parnis, the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities has said that initiatives like the European Union URBACT programme, are a great way for the local and national level of governance to better connect.

Parnis explained that given the connection the local council has with the community, it could better vocalise its ‘problems, weaknesses, and needs of their neighbourhood’ to the national level.

The Parliamentary Secretary was expressing these views during an information seminar on the European Union Programme URBACT, a service which provides up to €17 million towards funding studies and plans.

Parnis explained that these studies and places could support local councils in setting up applications for capital projects.

He also stated that the URBACT programme also delivers a forum for the exchange of good practices on areas like traffic management, sustainable tourism, social inclusion, cultural heritage, urban regeneration, better use of space, and the environment.

The information session was aimed at identifying partnership projects between foreign councils and the sharing of ideas and projects to improve the quality of lives of local citizens.