Cospicua residents file complaint with Ombudsman

Foul emissions and 24 hours of running engines at Palumbo

Cospicua residents together with NGOs-coalition ‘Tuna Artna Lura’ filed a complaint with the ombudsman requesting a public review of the Palumbo dockyard in Cospicua. The residents are complaining about foul emissions and engines running 24 hours a day for the past month. 

Since the 24th October, an MSC cruise ship has been docked at the Palumbo shipyard for repairs. The lack of provisions for the ship to plug into the port’s electrical grid is leading to the constant running of the ship’s engines.  

The NGOs stated that this isn’t the only issue concerning the shipyard. Other issues, which the NGOs have called on the ombudsman to investigate, include the lack of transparency about the working conditions of shipyard employees and adherence to the conditions stipulated in the government concession. 

‘Tuna Artna Lura’ had requested Government’s intervention in the addressing of these serious shortcomings before a joint venture between Palumbo and MSC could go ahead (the shipyard is public land leased to the Palumbo Group in a parliamentary concession in 2010). 

However, none of these issues were addressed, as the first MSC ship is in for repairs the issues are now emerging. 

‘The coalition hopes that a serious investigation by the Ombudsman’s office will follow, in the interests of the quality of life of the surrounding communities’ concluded the complaint. 

The NGOs forming the coalition are: 

  • Association for Justice, Equality and Peace 
  • Din l-Art Helwa  
  • Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar 
  • Forum Komunita Bormliza 
  • Friends of the Earth Malta 
  • Moviment Graffitti   
  • The Archaeological Society  
  • The Senglea Historical Society  
  • Zminijietna – Voice of the Left 
  • Arnold Cassola and Sammy Meilaq signed the complaint together with the NGOs and residents.