“Corruption kills” – Reżistenza in Floriana and Valletta

Reżistenza activists have put up new banners around Floriana and Valletta saying “corruption kills”, as well as a suit case full of fake money and a Maltese passport inside.

In a statement, they condemned politicians who are corrupt, rather than working towards protecting the citizens, adding that they will never forgive them for it.

Reżistenza also said that many people are against corruption, but only a few actually fight against it because it might be more worth their while if they don’t. At this point they mentioned the politicians who, instead of acting like public servants, “they are promoters of accomplices in acts of corruption”. They added that these people’s place is in jail.

They also mentioned those people who don’t comment because they’ll be benefiting from little favours, and the activists also condemned these people because they are also accomplices.