Corporate Flight Training will start operating from Malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Civil Aviation Directorate within Transport Malta awarded a Cabin Crew Training Organisation (CCTO) Certificate to Corporate Flight Training (CFT). This means that CFT will now be able to operate from Malta as well as from its established training centre in Luton in the UK.

CFT is an award-winning Cabin Crew and Aircrew Training Organisation, voted best UK Safety Training Provider in the Air Transport Awards of 2019. It provides air crew and cabin crew safety training courses.

It specialises in third party training provision for business aviation operators, and also issues cabin crew attestations through their new CCA EU Academy training provision for European commercial aircraft operators and airlines. The company had been instrumental in promoting increased safety and service standards for corporate aircrews.

CFT Head of Training, Yasmin Milner said that given the number of business aviation operators based in Malta, it was a natural progression to move the CCTO to Transport Malta’s Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD-TM).

Training courses will be delivered twice monthly.