“Coronavirus will eventually hit Malta” – Fearne

The coronavirus will eventually hit Malta, said Health Minister Chris Fearne. But he was quick to add that Malta is well prepared for any eventuality. Fearne was interviewed by Peppi Azzopardi on Xarabank Friday evening. Minister Fearne said that Malta is not immune to the virus as we are part of the world and we are no different from other countries.

“I cannot say if the virus will hit us tonight or what will happen tomorrow or next month. This virus is spreading fast. Malta is part of the world and yes there is the possibility for our country to report cases of coronavirus. I cannot say Malta will not be hit by this virus” – said Minister Fearne.

He continued explaining that for the virus to be transmitted it is very easy and we cannot ban people from travelling to Malta.

Malta is prepared – Fearne

Health Minister said that Malta has prepared for every eventuality if a coronavirus case is reported and that health officials are also taking all the measures and precautions so that we limit or better eliminate the risk for the virus to hit Malta.

He said that reports indicate that the virus will continue to spread but fortunately 98% of those infected have been treated successfully. Fearne added that Malta has to immediately report cases of coronavirus to international Health Authorities.