Coronavirus numbers show that our strategy works – Abela

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The number of coronavirus cases registered in Malta show that our strategy works, Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela said on Sunday morning.

In a brief interview on the party’s radio station, Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke about the vaccine doses allocated to Malta, the various financial measures aimed to save businesses and jobs as well as Partit Nazzjonalista’s leadership race.

Commenting on 330,000 doses of potential coronavirus vaccine through an agreement reached by the European Commission with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, Abela said that announcement was the result of a Cabinet decision, when it decided to allocate €1 million in funds.

Front-line workers and the vulnerable would be prioritised for vaccination
Malta allocated 330,000 doses of potential Covid-19 vaccine through EU agreement

Abela remarked that the government is focused on the pandemic, as he stressed that one needs to strike a balance between economic development and public health.

“Over the last months, we’ve demonstrated that we are well-prepared to handle the coronavirus pandemic,” Abela said.

The Labour leader remarked that the government’s aim is to give the whole population an opportunity to get vaccinated.

Abela remarked that the government acted in a timely manner. Speaking about the strategy adopted, he said that even when the country was experiencing a surge in the rate of infections it adopted a strategy where health was prioritized without taking ‘extreme measures’.

He compared Malta’s response to other countries, saying that extreme measures brought misery.

‘The numbers show that the strategy adopted by the government is bearing fruits,’ he said.

Addressing the criticism leveled at the government, Abela brushed it off saying that when one is at the helm, one expects to be criticized for their decisions. He added that the government managed to handle the pandemic in efficient manner.

On Saturday, the president of the Medical Association of Malta, Dr Martin Balzan said that more measures may be needed to bring the number of coronavirus cases down, as the present measures only appear to have managed to stop their number from increasing, during an interview on Newsbook Hour on 103 Malta’s Heart.

MAM and MAPHM write to Public Health Superintendent requesting more measures
MAM and MAPHM request more measures to bring cases under 10 per day

The prime minister said that over the past weeks Malta has invested heavily in its testing capacity. It also allocated resources for personal protective equipment, among other measures. He observed that other countries have opted in reducing the number of testing as the rate of infection rose globally.

Abela reiterated that the approach and strategy adopted works, and that Malta’s decision to increase its testing was a showing that the government is transparent with the public.

Saving jobs

Abela also spoke about the economic devastation brought about the virus, and the government’s measures to safeguard jobs.

He noted that for the fifth consecutive week, the net unemployment rate was kept down.

Various financial measures were introduced by the government to help stabilize the economy once the coronavirus struck Malta. Abela hailed the success of the Covid Wage Supplement saying that it helped to safeguard jobs and prevent unemployment.

The prime minister also announced that new financial measures aimed to assist businesses with their commercial leases will be announced during the upcoming week.

Malta registered its eleventh coronavirus-related death on Saturday when an 86-year-old woman who had tested positive on 18 August passed away. The health authorities reported 27 new cases on Saturday while 58 made a recovery, bringing the total number of active cases to 593.

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