Coronavirus: No cases in Malta, isolation units being set up

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

  • Screening for possible Coronavirus cases in Malta’s airport
  • Cases registered in Gozo to be treated in Malta
  • No travelling restrictions

No cases of coronavirus have been reported in Malta as yet, however, health authorities are preparing for every possible scenario. Outside Mater Dei Hospital an isolation unit for the early stages of coronavirus cases will be set up by the end of this week, Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Wednesday during a press conference.

This isolation unit will consist of 12 beds.

Minister Fearne explained how critical cases of coronavirus will be treated at the Infectious Diseases Unit inside Mater Dei and if a case is reported in Gozo then the patient will be brought to Malta for medical treatment.

Should a case be confirmed also people who come in touch with the infected person/s will be isolated for around 15 days. An isolation unit has been also established at the Emergency Department in Mater Dei.

During the press conference, Minister Fearne said that screenings are being carried out on all the people arriving in Malta from the cities where the virus was recorded. Those flying from China and who would have taken transit flights are also being screened at the Malta International Airport.

Questioned by regarding precautionary measures if a case is registered in seaports, Minister Fearne said that till today they have no reports or warning from seaports.

On international media it was being reported that crew members on the cargo CMA CGM were unwell with high temperatures but the reason why is yet to be established.

Replying to questions regarding Chinese food and parcels arriving from China, Minister Fearne gave an assurance that people can eat Chinese food and that parcels should be received as long as they have been sent 48 hours before because the virus can live outside a live body for 48 hours, said Minister Chris Fearne.