Coronavirus: “MSC Opera may be allowed in tomorrow” – Doctors

Updated 11:23 AM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

There may be a possibility that the cruise liner MSC Opera will be allowed to dock in Malta tomorrow.

In a joint statement issued by the Medical Association of Malta (MAM) and UĦM Voice of the Workers, it is explained that the wording in the Government’s press release issued earlier today gives rise to this fear. This is because it states that the cruise liner is not being allowed to dock “exclusively on the occasion of today”.

This comes after the Government has announced that the cruise liner that had a confirmed case of COVID-19 will not be allowed to dock in Malta.

The two parties stated that although they welcomed this decision to block the MSC Opera, there was no need for this to have been considered.

“The ship presents no risk”; “No scientific validity”

The statement added that the statement that the ship presents no risk to the Maltese population “has no scientific validity and represents grave irresponsibility of an unprecedented nature.”

The two parties said that it was also “very surprising” that such a statement was not issued from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health. It also said that the Government’s statement confirms that the technical decision taken by the Superintendent of Public Health and her team was going to be overruled.

According to the statement, all medical experts consulted agreed with the Superintendent that there is valid justification to avoid enormous and unnecessary risk to the population.

MAM and UĦM reiterated their position that flights from high risk zones only be to repatriate local residents who should follow mandatory quarantine.