Coronavirus: For.U.M insists govt should introduce travel ban from affected countries

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The For.U.M, which is the Confederation of Maltese Trade Unions, stated that if the government does not introduce with immediate effect a travel ban from countries and areas affected by coronavirus then the Maltese cannot be fully protected against the virus.

The For.U.M has also reiterated its appeal to the government and to health authorities to consider the situation more seriously and to implement an action plan against COVID-19 for the private sector following consultation with the main stakeholders.

In a press statement signed by the For.U.M President, Marco Bonnici and Secretary-General Colin Galea, the Forum said that it is useless to introduce self-quarantine for the people who have travelled to affected areas and countries. The For.U.M also mentioned how the Maltese and Gozitans are being asked to self-quarantine however, foreigners are not.

The Confederation of Maltese Trade Unions also stated that it cannot accept how those under self-quarantine are not to receive financial compensation while stating that such a scenario may lead to abuses which can affect the economy.