Coronavirus fears disrupt cargo handling at Grand Harbour

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Port workers at the Grand Harbour have halted operations over vessels coming from Italy – which has registered a number of deaths due to the coronavirus outbreak – are not being properly screened.

As of today, all passengers arriving to Malta by air or sea are being screened by thermal cameras. Those found to have a fever during screens are then subjected to further tests.

But cargo handlers at the Paola and Valletta parts of the harbour have complained about the lack of medical staff to give the all-clear to vessels transporting cargo from Italy.

Work proceeded following discussions with health authorities, but concerns over the measures being taken led workers to put down their tools a second time.

Further south, however, operations at the Malta Freeport were unaffected.

Six deaths have been reported in northern Italy, prompting the suspension or cancellation of many activities including football matches and the Venice Carnival.

Malta Dockers Union issues directive

Malta Dockers Union has issued a directive instructing its members not to board any vessels which dock in our ports until the competent authorities have the necessary measures are in place that safeguard the health and security of dock workers.

In a statement on Monday evening, the Malta Dockers Union said that it had a full day of intensive and continuous discussions with the relevant port authorities. The Union said that effective measures should be in place to ensure that every vessel which enters our port is free from coronavirus.