Corinthia deal: ‘Land to be developed for touristic purposes will decrease’ – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia described the agreement between Tourism Minister and the Corinthia Group as another ‘secretive and scandalous deal’ during his address on Sunday. Delia referred to an article which appeared in the Party’s newspaper Il-Mument on Sunday and which revealed the ongoing negotiations between the Corinthia Group and the Minister. The Nationalist leader said from the fresh revelations by il-Mument show that the land set to be used for touristic purposes is less than originally thought and the land will still be given at lower commercial rates.

Delia was addressing the Party supporters at the PN Club in Kalkara. He told those present that the Nationalist Party had stopped the land transfer from happening, however the Government is again in discussions with the Group over the land which is estimated to have a value of €800 million.

According to Delia, the Party’s position on the Corintha land deal, remains unchanged.

Speaking about the hospital deal, Delia referred to the court case which he himself instituted against the Government asking the court to declare the contract as null and void, saying that the case could have been easily instituted by the Attorney General who in his role, represents the Maltese citizens. The Nationalist leader said that however the Attorney General chose to defend the deal and the Prime Minister.

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Delia also spoke about Freedom Day, saying that as Opposition Leader he took part in the national celebrations organised to mark the day. The Party leader reminded that the Nationalist Party worked towards Freedom Day when the country achieved its Independence.

The Opposition leader also said that unlike what the Socialist-led Government did at the time when the British left the country, Malta is now being taken over by outsiders, because its economy has become overly-dependent on foreigners.

The Nationalist Leader told the party activists that while the Government had to close the year’s financial books with a surplus, however the financial year ended with a €70 million deficit. Delia claimed that the Government lost control over the country’s finances.

‘Negative Party’ – PL

Partit Laburista reacted to Delia’s speech saying that it was good that the party had gotten rid of the ‘negative arguments used by the former Party leader’.