Corinthia development ‘must be discussed urgently’ – Marlene Farrugia

The actual proposed development for the Corinthia hotel. Credit: Corinthia Group

The proposed Corinthia development on the coast of St George’s Bay ‘must be discussed urgently and comprehensively’, Marlene Farrugia, Partit Demokratiku MP has said.

The MP said the the PD had written Hon Alex Muscat, the Chair of Parliament’s Environment and Development Planning Committee, calling for an urgent meeting to discuss the social and environmental impact the proposed development will have, given the land reclamation proposed with the development.

The party states that there is an apparent loophole in which the reclaimed land which is part of the deal, ‘would currently not fall under regulations imposed by the Lands Authority’.

It is for these reasons that the party believes these discussions should be ‘fast tracked’ to the top of the Committee’s agenda.