Cool and Il-Lokal promote local art with unique digital exhibition

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Ride-sharing company Cool and Maltese online portal have teamed up to offer a unique digital platform for Maltese artists who are keen to share their works of art with the wider local community, especially the younger generation.

Through an online exhibition being launched today, the first of its kind on the Maltese islands, artists will have their works shared among riders who make use of Cool’s transport. This exhibition, which consists of ten works by local artists, will be changed every week for the next two months, and riders will have the opportunity to browse through the artworks on their mobile phones during the ride itself.

This online exhibition will expose these Maltese artists to thousands of users at a time where despite the increased accessibility to the arts in Malta, facilities and audience engagement is still limited to a specific cohort in the community.

Besides enjoying these works of art, a number of lucky riders can also win some fantastic prizes, namely a free print from every week.

“By granting access to a varied, but mostly young segment of the Maltese population, Cool and il-lokal will provide a wider audience to these local artists. Therefore, we are delighted to provide the local art community such a platform to share their works of art,” said Cool CEO Laura Jasenaite.

“As a young company with a following of thousands of young individuals daily, we believe that we can assume an important role in promoting the local creative sector. We believe the arts are a fundamental element of every society, not only from an economic perspective but also as a vehicle that promotes inclusivity, mutual understanding and the coming together of people from different walks of life.”

Karolina Rostkowska, founder of added: “The idea of teaming up with Cool felt like a perfect match from the start. This project is just such a fresh and engaging way of building a bridge between local designers and Malta’s mobile community. Malta’s creative talent has so much to offer – we are proud to be providing such a platform to share this talent with an ever-growing audience”.

The featured artists in this new initiative include Ed Dingli, Astrattico, Jana Frost, Emma Fsadni, Te fit-Tazza, Textpresso, Punchin’ Colours, 2point3, Maximilian Saliba and others.

All works of art may also be viewed and purchased on the online shop here.

This content was supplied by Cool