Convenience Shop raising funds for L-Istrina

The Convenience Shop chain of retail outlets has joined forces with L-Istrina to raise much-needed funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation by asking customers to donate as little as 20c at the checkout.

Convenience Shop CEO Martin Agius said: “We are delighted to join the initiative to help a very worthy cause in a year during which fundraising has suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the motto ‘Flimkien – ftit minn ghand il hafna’ states, this campaign is not about making huge donations but giving what you can – even if it’s a tiny amount. It’s a collective effort which shows that together we can all make a difference.”

Each outlet has mounted posters asking its customers to make a donation of 20 cents as they pay for their groceries at the checkout.

The Convenience Shop – which now has 72 outlets all over Malta after opening five new stores this year alone and plans to reach the 100-outlet mark by 2022 – already plays a key role in the community.

The group operates a store in Qormi in conjunction with Puttinu Cares which channels all profits to the charity as well as offering support to Caritas and the Malta National Blood Transfusion Service among others.

Agius said: “The Convenience Shop is much more than a business. The shareholders and directors believe in giving something back and that’s what we strive to do at every opportunity.”

This content was supplied by The Convenience Shop