Contract for prefabricated hospital still being adjudicated

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The contract for a prefabricated hospital for coronavirus patients has not been awarded yet. This was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne in his reply to a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi.

Azzopardi asked Health Minister Chris Fearne why the process to award the contract is taking so long in view of the fact that the government had issued an urgent call for tenders for the purchase and installation of a modular extendable panel negative-pressure field hospital, on the 23rd of March.

Minister Fearne replied that the applications submitted by the companies are still being evaluated according to the public procurement process.

The prefabricated hospital is expected to be built in eight weeks in a car park close to Mater Dei Hospital.

Government received 22 applications for participation with the price offered to build a prefabricated/temporary hospital to treat coronavirus patients varied from € 3,997,770 to € 29, 000,000.

On the eve of selection, PN MP Jason Azzopardi,  alleged that ‘a prefabricated scandal was in the making’ and in an article on, Azzopardi said: “how come a German company based in Hessen, called Roder, was requested by TEC Ltd, more than two weeks ago, to furnish this local company owned by a Labour Party crony, with a detailed quotation to bid for this hospital with inflated cubicles?”

Minister Fearne had said that he does not tolerate certain allegations but in view of the mentioned allegation by PN MP had asked the CEO of CPSU to suspend the tendering process and had also asked the Permanent Secretary within his Ministry and the Contracts Department to investigate the possibility of irregularities on this matter.

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