Watch: Consultation on gender quotas for 2019 – Muscat

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that on winning the snap election, the Maltese electorate had given the Labour Party the mandate to introduce positive action in favor of greater representation of women in the country’s highest institution, Parliament. Muscat addressed the nation with a message to mark the new year on Monday, where he spoke about new technologies, infrastructure and constitutional reform among other topics.

In his address, Muscat said that at the start of the new year they would initiate a consultation process on more female representation in parliament saying he was aware the subject was viewed as controversial. He said there was a need for a wide discussion on the subject and that the question now remained how should this change be carried out. Muscat also hinted at the constitutional reform, saying that there was need for a discussion with everyone, “above all the Opposition” on how to proceed with the Constitutional Convention.

Speaking about infrastructure, Muscat said that the country had never seen such an investment in its infrastructure. He then proceeded to list the projects which included the power station, the sewage treatment plants and the new systems of waste separation and recycling, remarking that such investment would help the country achieve a more circular economy.

The Prime Minister then spoke of the health infrastructure, social infrastructure as well as cultural infrastructure saying that the Arts Museum which will become part of the Valletta 2018 legacy.

In his address, Muscat also thanked the outgoing President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca for her work, describing her as a symbol of equality between the genders and role model for women.