Construction work affecting students & educators at Gozo College Middle School

Updated 05:58 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Construction work next to Gozo College Middle School, in Rabat, is affecting not only the teaching during the day but also the students’ health and that of the educators. Parents and educators who contacted about this situation said that the construction work is ongoing on both sides of the school and consist of the building of a new primary school and works on a project related to the Gozo Sports Complex.

Educators who spoke to this newsroom explained that due to the noise levels of construction, teaching has become impossible for them and it is definitely not giving a good learning experience to the students.

They also mentioned that there is also dust everywhere in the classrooms and according to the schools’ protocols published by the authorities in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, windows and classroom doors should remain open all the time.

As a result the school administration instructed the teachers to close the windows but the teachers said they do not feel comfortable with this situation especially since classes exceed 20 students.

In reply to the questions sent by, the Ministry for Education and Employment said that construction work is not being carried out during school hours. The Ministry also said that it is true that there is ongoing work by the Gozo Ministry by as the Ministry for Education no complaints were received.

“Govt. projects ought not disrupt lessons” – PN

A statement from the Nationalist Party (PN) noted the investigation carried out by, and outlined that Government projects ought not disrupt lessons or a clean environment for students and teachers alike.

It said that this is why the party’s vision for education should be noted, as it emphasises the fact that education is what will build the country’s future.