Construction industry will remain a priority – Prime Minister Abela’s first meeting with MDA

Miguela Xuereb

During a meeting with the Malta Developers Association (MDA), Prime Minister Robert Abela was reported to have said that good governance would definitely affect the construction industry positively. He also mentioned that he could never understand those who said that to have a strong economy a country needed to lower its standards when it comes to good governance.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Robert Abela was questioned by regarding works by Infrastructure Malta and why the government entity does not always wait for permits to begin works.

Abela said that every entity should abide by the laws and regulations.

During the meeting with the Malta Developers Association (MDA) Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the construction sector is vital for our economy and that the recent events in Malta had a negative impact on the industry.

The Prime Minister said that his administration is already working at restoring Malta’s reputation, however, the results will not be immediately visible and the country needs to find a balance to continue building a stronger economic situation.

During the meeting MDA president, Sandro Chetcuti said they are looking forward to work with the new Prime Minister who, as a practising lawyer, had assisted in the formulation of the MDA statute.

Miguela Xuereb

Chetcuti also said they their members are worried about Malta’s reputation and the change in the administration. According to MDA, the recent political scenario in Malta left a negative impact on the construction sector which employs over 40,000 people. He said that the association has been given feedback from its members saying that recently banks have not been co-operative with businessmen from the construction industry.

Regarding the financing of political parties through donations by certain businessmen, Sandro Chetcuti said that members of the MDA are fed up of being associated to political parties and that is why as Malta Developers Association they believe there needs a change in the current political system.