Constitutional reform discussed in meeting between Repubblika and Zammit Dimech

Institutional and constitutional reforms were discussed during a meeting between rule of law NGO Repubblika and newly-appointed Partit Nazzjonalista Secretary General Francis Zammit Dimech.

In a statement published on their social media, Repubblika said that it had accepted an invitation by Zammit Dimech for a meeting which took place at Partit Nazzjonalista headquarters in Pietà.

The NGO said that the two sides discussed the need for institutional and constitutional reforms in the country.

President Vicki Ann Cremona, President-Elect Robert Aquilina and member Manuel Delia attended the meeting on behalf of Repubblika.

The NGO said that it will engage with all political parties that express interest in dialogue with civil society on good governance and the rule of law in Malta.