Constitutional Reform to be ‘open’, ‘not dominated by political parties’ – OPR to Repubblika

Credit: Jeremy Wonnacott

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Maltese President has told Repubblika that Constitutional Reform would be open and inclusive and not dominated by political parties.

These assurances were given to the rule of law NGO during their meeting with President George Vella earlier today.

The NGO describes the discussion over Constitutional Reform as ‘frank and open,’ with the President explaining that the process which would see Malta’s Constitution change being, ‘a transparent, inclusive and participative process that would take the time that is necessary. He also assured the delegation he would not allow political parties to dominate this process.’

The meeting with the President comes following last week’s tense exchange between the two groups over the acknowledgement of Repubblika’s recommendations for Constitutional Reform.

President Vella had said that he had ‘immediately acknowledged’ the documents sent to him before becoming President, back in March.

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When Repubblika stated that they had re-issued their recommendations on June 10th, the President had said that it ‘was never brought to his attention.’

Prior to today, the NGO had added that their request for a formal meeting with President, had not been forthcoming.

On Friday, they had written that, ‘We are deeply concerned that our detailed submission on the process of  Constitutional review and reform, handed in to President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca last March on her own request and of the Steering Committee of the two political parties has not even been acknowledged. Nor have we been given any sort of acknowledgment by President George Vella since his swearing in.’

OPR responded to Repubblika saying that, ‘The President is willing to meet, as he usually does with any civil society representatives, once a formal request is made.’

Today’s meeting was attended by the Secretary General of Repubblika, Dr Robert Aquilina, led the NGO delegation accompanied by committee members Professor Vicky Ann Cremona, Emanuel Delia and Isabel Vella.