Conservation project of 17,000 notarial documents underway

An investment of almost €5 million.


Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance Edward Zammit Lewis together with the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi paid a visit to the Prevarti restoration company in Mosta Technopark, which was commissioned to carry out works of restoration of documents as part of a project driven by the Notarial Archives and co-financed with European funds.

The project, which cost €4.9 million, €4 million of which comes from European funds, will see the preservation of 17,000 historical notarial documents. The process includes:

Disinfection and physical preservation of manifestos – Disinfection of manifestos will be carried out to ensure that they are kept in the best possible condition, and all types of insects and mold are removed from them. After disinfection, conservation will be carried out with different levels of technical treatment, which will always vary according to the damage suffered, and their condition.
Digitisation – The documents will be digitally preserved to make it easier even for researchers to flip through the content without physically opening the documents themselves.
Cataloging – The entire collection will be cataloged, with the aim of having the collection organised.


Another part of this project is the restoration of the Notarial Archives in St Christopher Street, Valletta, which includes the integration of two buildings into one. The new site will be open to both the local and international research community. A dedicated area has also been set up at the Mosta Technopark within Prevarti, where documents can be restored in a professional way.

A museum will also be set up to host these documents for public display. The museum will also host a number of exhibitions, including digital aids and videos, with the aim of making the attractions as interactive as possible, and which will serve as a platform where these thousands of volumes will be exhibited.