Confine leadership debates to PL Media – Jason Micallef

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prominent PL frontman, Jason Micallef has expressed the opinion that the discussions regarding the PL leadership race should be confined to the party media. In a Facebook post, Micallef said that such debates on other stations are not in the interests of the Partit Laburista, describing such debates as frivolous.

Micallef said that the aims of the non-party media are simply ‘to find controversial quotes which cause excessive tension if not dissent between the candidates and their followers” said Micallef. He said that in such debates, the discussion always turns to who is going to make more heads roll and “attacks on the previous leadership”. The first few hours of the PL leadership race, said Micallef, do not bode well. He said that the longer the campaign, the longer the wounds will take to heal after the PL leader is chosen.

In what may be perceived as a dig against Chris Fearne, Micallef said that he did not like the comments made about the Commissioner of Police when according to Micallef, the European Parliamentary Commission had nothing but praise for the Commissioner.