Company investigated over breach of personal data

Photo by: Unsplash

Government announced that the Information and Data Protection Commissioner will investigate the leak of personal data of over 377,384 Maltese voters.

In a statement, Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that he immediately took note of the reports of the breach of personal data by a local company.

Zammit Lewis also said that he ascertained that the Data Protection Commissioner launches an investigation according to law.

A data breach monitor said that the accessible records included personal data of Maltese voters. This included names, addresses, ID card numbers, and phone numbers. It said that C-Planet IT Solutions Ltd was informed about the vulnerability but it said that the company ignored all communications.

An online security company told Times of Malta that the company at the centre of the issue was C-Planet IT Solutions Ltd. It’s owner is Philip Farrugia, an ex-production director at the Partit Laburista’s One Productions.

The company told the Times that it wasn’t going to be replying to questions about the matter. It insisted that the information was “old.” Matthew Caruana Galizia warned people on Facebook that if they voted in the last general election, it meant that their details were on that list.

Additional reporting: Christoph Schwaiger