Companies must keep workers in employment, as economy will recover – Minister Abela

Photo by DOI: Omar Camilleri

Throughout the pandemic, both the government and the social partners must continue to work together in order to save jobs, said the Minister in the Office of Prime Minister Carmelo Abela, during a MEUSAC information session which focused on the European Budget.

Minister Abela appealed to the social partners to ensure that companies keep workers in employment, as the economy will be recovering.

During this meeting, Minister Abela stressed that, as a European Union and as well as a country, Malta should aim for economic growth, invest more, including in new sectors such as the digital sector and the green economy and to not go for ‘austerity’.

Reference was also made to the historical agreement that a few weeks ago the Leaders of the Member States of the European Union, including the Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela, reached on the budget for the period of the seven years 2021-2027.

Malta will have a total of €2,250 billion for the next seven years, ‘which will be guaranteeing more jobs and resilience in various areas, including health and sustainable economic recovery that goes beyond quick fixes,’ stated a representative from the Ministry of Finance.

Minister Carmelo Abela spoke about the European Union’s response to the pandemic. Here, he mentioned how in order to ensure an increasingly effective response, in reaching everyone in the European Union and our global partners, the Commission will be mobilising a variety of instruments.

These include the Next Generation EU, which will be introduced under three pillars: supporting member states to recover as soon as possible; giving that push for the economy and aid for private investment; and learning from the crisis we are currently facing.