Watch: Comodini Cachia pledges to play key role in PN revival

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia is pledging to play a key role in the future revival of the party in the wake of its general council’s decision to call a leadership election, but stopped short of confirm or denying her intentions to contest for the top post.

Comodini Cachia was chosen by the majority of PN MPs who voted against embattled party leader Adrian Delia in a confidence vote last month to serve as Leader of the Opposition in his stead.

But in a controversial interpretation of the Constitution that has been criticised by various constitutional experts, President George Vella controversially ruled that he was bound to keep Delia in place for as long as he continued to lead the party, even though he acknowledged that he had lost the backing of most opposition MPs.

In the meantime, Delia lost another confidence vote among the party’s executive committee, and the general council’s vote for a leadership election went against his stated wish for them to seek a simple confirmation vote instead. Undeterred, the PN leader has confirmed that he will be contesting the leadership election.

In a brief reaction to the vote, Comodini Cachia said that she welcomed the opportunity the general council provided to the party’s paid-up members to “forge the present and the future of our party.”

Noting that she had been at the forefront of efforts to make such an opportunity possible, she pledged to contribute to ensure that the PN once more became “a strong, credible, united and serious party.”

This, the MP said, required working with all the talent available to the party, including new blood.

She also emphasised that the PN’s future lay “in a mosaic of different talents that can bring it forward together.”

“I will continue to act as a catalyst, to help give direction to this mosaic of different people, as together, we are the future of the party,” she concluded.

In the wake of the vote, Chris Said, who had proposed the confidence vote in Delia in a motion seconded by Comodini Cachia, urged Delia to heed the message sent by the general council, noting that Delia himself had effectively turned their vote into a vote of confidence.