Commonwealth hails Malta on its coronavirus handling response

Miguela Xuereb

Commonwealth General Secretary Patricia Scotland has hailed Malta for its way of handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Scotland was being interviewed during Bay Chats by Noel Zarb and Andrew Zammit.

The Commonwealth General Secretary congratulated Malta for doing the best in the whole of Europe by ‘protecting the people, galvanising the quintessential Maltese energy and kept safe’.

The message was shared via Twitter by Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne.

During the interview, Scotland explained that the Commonwealth had offered a platform for its 54 member states to share knowledge. A coronavirus response center was set up in order to facilitate the flow of knowledge between commonwealth countries.

She remarked that no one was prepared for the pandemic and that no country could face the pandemic this on its own.

Scotland noted that Malta was a very active member of the Commonwealth, adding that together they were working on a number of issues. The Commonwealth Secretariat has been looking into how to pool the information and has also set up a new voluntary desk that includes the Commonwealth and the Government of Malta in order to serve as a contact point between the European states and the Commonwealth states. The voluntary desk is aimed at sharing best practices, initiating partnerships among others.

The General Secretary commented on Malta’s contribution especially in the context of being a small state. “It has been a beacon,” she said, adding that everyone was “impressed” by what Malta has done. “Many people are looking at Malta, not only celebrating her, but also copying her too.”

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