Committee to regard quality underlying business activities – Malta Chamber

The Malta Chamber has signed an agreement with Evolve Ltd. in order to form the Quality Committee. This is a new horizontal policy committee within the Malta Chamber which regards the importance of quality underlying business activities.

The agreement is a Bronze Collaboration Alliance Agreement. It aims to join forces in developing the Chamber’s policy in key areas related to the upholding of quality in all aspects of business and the economy.The objective of the committee will be to research and make the necessary presentations regarding quality and business activities.

President Architect David Xuereb stated that Malta is competing in a global village, and must do so with a ‘nothing but the best’. This relates to products manfuactured in Malta, to professional services and to simple courtesy and good manners towards tourists.

The Managing Director of Evolve Ltd. Christopher Busuttil Delbridge said that a necessary element for success  in a resilient economy has always been quality. He added that quality has always been the cornerstone in the personal development of employees at Evolve, which eventually  builds into company culture. He concluded by saying that never has the need for quality over quantity been more pronounced, and that quality is a way of life.

The Bronze Collaboration Alliance Agreement was signed by Architect David Xuereb and Marisa Xuereb as President and Deputy President of The Malta Chamber, respectively, and Christopher Busuttil as CEO of Evolve Ltd.