Commissioner for the elderly presents 2019 annual report

Anzjani Maltin
Anzjani Maltin

The Commissioner for Older Persons Dr Mary Vella presented the Commission’s annual report to the Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing and Persons with Disability Silvio Parnis. In this annual report, the Commission stated that throughout the year 2019, it reached out to older persons to raise more awareness about topics which affect them directly.

Dr Vella said that the Commission ensured that the rights for older persons were being protected and it made sure that standards which guarantee the application of such rights by all agencies, departments and entities concerned were set up.

The report mentions how during 2019, the Commission participated in various television and radio programmes to create more awareness about the rights for older persons, about the problems of solitude and abuse on older persons and about the psychological benefits of social participation and active participation. The Commission also met with several other stakeholders who also work for the elderly.

Photo by DOI: Jason Borg

The report refers to the number of requests received by the Office of the Commissioner for Older Persons, from older persons, relatives and also tutors, asking for advice or guidance on issues relating to older persons and has also received a number of complaints from or on behalf of older persons.

During the presentation of the report Dr Mary Vella said that of great significance during the past year was the signing of the MOU with SCSA where the parties agreed to co-operate in the field of social welfare services, particularly through the exchange of information acquired in the course of carrying out duties entrusted by law with the aim of protecting and promoting the rights and best interests of older persons.

Last year also saw the first National Conference for Older Persons, organised together with SCSA and Parliamentary Secretariat for Active Ageing and Persons with Disability.

The Commission for Older Persons serves as a platform which ensures that an older person reaches his or her full potential and lives with the rest of society without being discriminated against on the basis of his or her age.