‘Colour in Valletta’ installed in Malta’s capital

Part of St. Lucia Street in Valletta has been given a splash of colour with the installation of ‘Colour in Valletta’ – an artistic display celebrating Valletta’s status as Europe’s Capital of Culture 2018 in a vibrant and festive way.

The colourful setup was carried out on the initiative of the Embassy Shopping Complex and Cinemas in Valletta, designed and produced by Maltese artist Selina Scerri, installed by the Valletta Feasts Committee and supported by the Valletta Local Council.

‘Colour in Valletta’ is a celebration of a colourful and lively city – from its history to the architecture, cultural traditions, arts, feasts and sea crafts – a combination of elements that characterise Malta’s capital. The display also represents the many people from all walks of life who along the years have made Valletta one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

Over 250 meters of spray-painted fabric were used to create unique tones of colours ranging from dark to light shades which generate a sense of space. The setup aims at creating a colourful aura that moves with the wind as if breathing, creating a tickling tunnel of colour leading to another dimension against the historic buildings of Valletta. The transparency of the fabric against sunlight plays on the interaction of multiple colour layers that overlap to create a playful setup, designed to give good vibes to anyone experiencing it this summer.