Collection of writings by summer school students launched


Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Anton Refalo has launched the booklet ‘Aħna Tfal Ħbieb tal-Annimali’ (‘Children Are Friends of Animals’), at the Primary School of Victoria, Gozo.

The launch took place with the participation of the Directorate for the Protection of Animals.

The booklet is filled with writings and poems accompanied by drawings.


This was the first initiative carried out during this year’s SkolaSajf, where children were given the opportunity to be the protagonists in this collection of writings in both Maltese and English. This year, the Animal Welfare Directorate launched a competition where SkolaSajf students were encouraged to make drawings about their favorite animals. These students were awarded prizes after being judged on their works.

Refalo said, “The purpose of these initiatives is to continue to instill children’s love for animals. The main reason behind this initiative was inspired by the fact that service is important in every person’s life. Love for animals makes us more complete. ”

The minister thanked all the staff of the directorate as well as the Foundation for Educational Services with which the directorate works with excellent coordination. He also thanked jidges David Muscat and Trevor Zahra.