Climate emergency: KNŻ urges MPs to keep in mind future generations

The National Youth Council urged Parliament to keep in mind future generations and national interest when debating climate emergency during Thursday’s plenary session.

In a letter to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the National Youth Council (KNŻ) asked for the letter to be read out in parliament ahead of the debate.

KNŻ President Chiara Vassallo had called on Parliament to declare a state of climate emergency during the National Youth Parliament which was held in September.

A similar call was made by local activist group Extinction Rebellion Malta which said that a state of climate emergency should be declared with immediate effect.

Partit Nazzjonalista presented a motion in Parliament proposing the establishment of a National Emergency Committee for Climate Change. “The effects of climate change cannot keep being ignored,” Vassallo wrote, highlighting that the situation should be properly addressed, requiring everyone to do their part.

The Council urged the MPs to keep in mind the national interest and future generations when discussing the motion tonight.