Climate activists stage funeral at London Fashion Week

Funeral attire, dead flowers and sustainable fashion designs were paraded through London on Tuesday, September 17, as climate activists from Extinction Rebellion held a funeral procession for London Fashion week.

Starting in Trafalgar Square and walking along The Strand, activists carried coffins and waved flags while musicians led them towards the event’s main venue.

The climate activists had previously glued themselves to a door and poured out a “bleeding” red carpet on the opening day of London Fashion, as well as demonstrating outside Victoria Beckham’s fashion show over the weekend.

Activists in London carrying a coffin named ‘Our Future’

With growing environmental awareness, some fashion brands are seeking to improve their green credentials but demonstrators want to see more action.

Extinction Rebellion, which has staged several protests in recent months, had called on London Fashion Week organisers to cancel the five-day industry event where designers are unveiling their latest womenswear lines.

(Production: Jayson Mansaray)