Clean-up of the environment and mentality – Church Commission

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

During a clean-up activity held this morning at Għadira Bay, the Interdiocesan Commission for the Environment said no-one enjoys collecting trash left by others, and therefore, the Commission feels that activities of this nature should encourage us to re-evaluate our mentality on the protection of the environment.

The Chairman of the Environment Commission, Mario Camenzuli, expressed his goal of reaching a situation where, through mass participation, clean-ups are rendered useless. He said that to take care of our common home, we need to clean-up our attitude towards everything around us, towards the environment we live in, towards our neighbour, and towards creation.

Therefore, he stressed that we must be careful of the excessive consumerism that leaves negative effects on a person and on the environment around us. He also said that we need to aim for a more sustainable lifestyle and as individuals as well as as a community, we need to be more aware of the goals for sustainable development, train and educate well on them, and work hard to achieve them.

Mario Camenzuli reminded that during the month of September, all Christians celebrate the Season of Creation and that this year is also the fifth anniversary of the publication of the encyclical Laudato si’ of Pope Francis on the treasure of the common home.

In this encyclical, the Pope makes reference to the culture of waste and calls for all of us to have a strong civic sense, to improve the quality of life. Camenzuli said the commission believes it is good that from time to time, groups of people give of their time to clean up places from the waste we have created ourselves, but insisted on the need for all of us to work in favour of a less wasteful lifestyle.

This clean-up activity, which took place on the occasion of World Clean-up Day and as part of the Save Our Blue campaign, was organized by the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change.