“Clean this country, don’t destroy the temple” – Bartolo


In his daily message, Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo cited the Bible to express his opinion about the current political situation that the country is facing as well as the Labour Party’s standpoint in this regard. He said that the present situation necessitates removing the burglars rather than destroying the temple.

Bartolo said this with reference to ex-Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, Keith Schembri, who is currently being investigated for murder. The Police Inspector Keith Arnaud said this yesterday in court, in the compilation of witnesses against Yorgen Fenech, owner of the company 17 Black, accused with complicity in the assassination of the journalist Caruana Galizia.

The Minister cited the instance in the Bible where Jesus found the avaricious merchants in the temple, got furious and sent them away. But, the Minister emphasised, “he did not decide to destroy the temple.” Bartolo said that since even a religious building is not always a home for prayer, it is to be expected that where politics and business are involved, righteousness does not feature. He added that in spite of this, the latter areas should not be brothels either.

He ended his speech saying that the Maltese should not engage in tribal wars against each other, but that they should focus on “cleaning this sweet and sour country without resorting to destroying the temple.”